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Technical details Melior franchises

At the time of signing the franchise contract, a bank guarantee for €20,000 must be submitted.


The total investment required for opening a Melior franchise is approximately €300,000, including the initial fee. The franchise contract is for a 10-year renewable term.


Franchises will be granted in cities with over 100,000 inhabitants. In cities where the business volume supports the opening of several business centers, the existing franchise will have a right of first option and a period of exclusivity.


Melior offers continuous support and training from the start in order to ensure the efficiency and quality levels of the service offered at the business center.
  • Initial training: Individualized training for the franchise holder and employees.
  • Initial support: through an advisor in the first days of operation of the Center.
  • Enhanced continuous support:

    • Frequent courses on improvement and new techniques for the franchise holder and staff on sales, services, system improvements, etc.
    • Assistance on all enquiries made by our franchise holders in relation to technologies, communication, advertisement, purchases, operations, etc.
    • Periodic reports on the business and market.
    • Support visits and supervision

Melior franchises

Business centers represent the optimal alternative for new entrepreneurs or established companies entering new markets because such centers allow a business to be set up while avoiding the inherent numerous and expensive stumbling blocks...

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Melior franchise model

Melior Business Centers are located in representative areas of the city, always close to prominent...

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