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Virtual office (Business address registration)

The Melior virtual office offers the traditional benefits of an office but without the need of a work space and at a minimal cost. Along with its personal and specialized service, the virtual office is an ideal solution for freelance professionals, persons working from home or an official body, or those who spend most of their time visiting or travelling to customers.

For people or companies who need to:
  • Work from home while presenting a professional image.
  • Open one or more branches in other cities.
  • Hold a business address.
  • The use of rooms or offices for meetings with customers, presentations or even on an occasional basis.
  • Immediately available and flexible rental options.

Call-answering service

Save time for what is really productive by hiring the call-answering services of Melior Business Centers.

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Professional diary service

If you lack time to see all your contacts and you need assistance in managing your business schedule, Melior's professional diary service is the service for you.

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Lease options

  • Type A
  • Type B
  • Type C
TYPE A No call-answering service:
  • Business address registration (company or trade).
  • Receipt of correspondence and parcels.
  • Right to use our services (according to price).
TYPE B With call-answering service:
  • Business address registration (company or trade).
  • Right to use address and fax number of Melior on stationery and advertisement.
  • Individual telephone number (DDI) with personal call-answering service according to the rules established by the client.
  • Receipt of correspondence and parcels.
  • Visitor welcoming service.
  • Use of meeting rooms or work space for a half day per month.
  • Right to use our services (according to price).
TYPE C Professional diary service:
  • Personalized call answering.
  • Own telephone number or call-forwarding.
  • Visitor appointments according to diary.
  • Right to use our service (according to price).

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