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Office equipment

All rental offices offered at Melior Business Centers have been furnished with the best materials and special care to every detail so that our clients have the best equipment.
  1. The offices of Melior Business Centers contain comfortable, functional furniture.
  2. The majority of offices have natural lighting.
  3. Telephone, wired voice and data lines.
  4. All offices are air-conditioned.
  5. LED lighting.
  6. Carpeting.
  7. Security alarm throughout the business center.
  8. Natural ventilation in all areas.
  9. Double-glazed windows.


The offices at Melior Business Centers are more than just work spaces, they are rental office available for pursuing a business activity at a moment's notice. Our clients have access to flexible office space which is fully furnished with the latest technology and the most unique design.

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Renting offices

Melior Business Centers has developed different contract options, allowing you to rent your office wherever you want and for however long you need it.

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