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Business centers represent the optimal alternative for new entrepreneurs or established companies entering new markets because such centers allow a business to be set up while avoiding the inherent numerous and expensive stumbling blocks, such as finding an office, renting, refurbishing, furnishing and equipping it, interviewing and hiring administrative staff and janitors, and connecting the utilities and telephones.

The costs for setting up an office could require an initial layout of about €40,000. In a business center, the costs are reduced to only €1.300.

In a business center with flexible professional services offered, the business can commence from the first day with important savings on investment.

  • Reliability of a prestigious brand, established at a national level and now the leading Spanish company in the sector.
  • Security and long-term contracts for carrying out a business that requires strong links to the area where its customers are located.
  • Profitability at market prices for rented property and up to 10% for investments in facilities and adjustment of premises.
  • Transparency and flexibility in the establishment of the system: the owner or investor adapts the premises to the image and needs of a Melior center after signing the 10-year lease with our company.

Proprietary centers
  • Melior Málaga
  • Edificio Melior - Málaga
Franchise centers
  • Melior Ciudad Real
  • Melior Vasari - Marbella
  • Melior Diego de León - Madrid
  • Melior Azca - Madrid

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Melior franchise model

Melior Business Centers are located in representative areas of the city, always close to prominent sites such as public and governmental bodies or highly commercial areas, and with strong transportation connections.

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Technical details

At the time of signing the franchise contract, a bank guarantee for €20,000 must be submitted...

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